If cats can do selfies
She thinks that’s hers but she doesn’t eat chocolates though.

If cats can do selfies
Cats do selfies, too!

Winello and Perdita are naturally calm, playful, crazy, curious — with no specific order in a given day. We discovered another means though on how to get their full attention at once. Well, aside from the sound of the kibbles (feeding frenzy!)… just let them hear the song “Crickets Sing For Ana Maria”. The Very Best of Astrud Gilberto was on last night  and as they heard the crickets in the intro their ears went straight and eyes bewildered like Mr. Bean’s.


So I feel so extra sad today. I have just paid my traffic violation fines. I feel so extra, extra stupid because I have a high regard for hard earned money. I could have used that sum to help the needy. The Abu Dhabi Government doesn’t really need that money.

The other painful part is when pride is taken into account especially when human nature of not wanting to be slapped on by my mistakes kicks in. And of course, I am striving to have a clean file ever. Yeah, I may be cool but there’s a soft spot for arrogance for most of the drivers.

Naive mistakes and plain stupidity.

It is a humbling experience to learn my lesson(s) the hard way.

By the way, I unintentionally (of course) jumped on the red light on that quiet weekend morning in Abu Dhabi Corniche. Camera captured me. Amber is my new most favorite color. Lol.


Nando's Abu Dhabi, World Trade Center Mall
(The event started with a South African tune which fueled the mascot to dance, twerk — yeah, that’s right, wiggle and all sorts of ecstatic move.)

My most favorite chicken has finally arrived in Abu Dhabi!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I prayed much for a Nando’s branch to open in Abu Dhabi. Looking back, it takes me at least 3 hours drive (back and forth) when craving attacks just to get a bite in Nando’s – Dubai Mall. As an adage says, good things come to the patient tummy, errr, to those who declare their purest intentions to the universe. Now, not only that Nando’s is so rock-bottom and accessible as it opened in a rather rustic-vintage style World Trade Centre Mall (one of the newest malls in the Emirate aside from The Galleria in Al Maryah Island) but it is also spacious at 6,000 square feet area. It also maximizes the mall’s tone as it offers an al fresco dining area shaded by olive trees (reminded me instantly of their spicy mixed olives appetizer!).

Nando's Abu Dhabi, World Trade Center Mall
(The mild peri-peri chicken, spicy rice and grilled veggies never fail to satisfy me. The caramel cheesecake and chocolate cake are always the best way to cap the delicious meal.)

I am a big Nando’s fan that one of our gadgets was even named “Fernando Duarte” (one of the brains behind Nando’s humble beginnings apart from Robbie Brozin), so you must imagine how high I floated when I received an invitation to the VIP evening for the opening of the first Nando’s restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Nando's Abu Dhabi, World Trade Center Mall
(Nando’s peri-peri flame grilled chicken will always be legendary for me, the same way that Jollibee is for the Filipinos.)

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I took this video few days ago when we visited my gradeschool. I remember when I did cut classes (I hardly recall if that was during 1st or 2nd grade) and joined my fellow adventurous yet nice classmates in going to the rice fields near the school. You know what happened next. I got my share of penalty but it makes me happy and proud whenever I remember this one amongst the many unorthodox things I did in life.

Here’s a quick entry for all those who are dear to me (including those who never fail to visit my blog(s) despite the irregularity of my updates). I promised myself that I’d write something worthwhile before the end of 2013. But net connection is quite unstable nowadays probably because of the season. Hence, I thought that I’d post this video which may sum up my state right now = peaceful, grateful, happy, reconnected with everything that one will ever need in life.

I’m more than happy that I’m able to spend the Christmas (and New Year sooooo soon) again in the Philippines after 2 years. I’m wishing everyone a happier and more meaningful new year!