Foggy UAE

My day started happier than the usual because I finally completed again an 8-hour sleep.  Thanks to the Islamic holiday (i.e. Prophet Muhammad’s birthday), it saved my (and everybody else’s) longings whatever those are. While we planned to visit the recently opened humongous Yas Waterworld today, we postponed it for things that matter more as of the moment — sleep, listening to Morning Rush podcasts (particularly listening to the Badtrip sa School babbler) while  munching on home cooked barbecue and sisig, random chats, and more.

The weather has also discouraged the driver in me. In my 5th year in the UAE (wow,  imagine that!), this is the first time we have braced this much of fog weeklong. Like yesterday, the traffic lights can hardly be seen as I drove little J to school and then to work. While in the office parking (the one in the open area), it was eerily funny that we were startled by people waving/ walking towards us. We practically looked like angels bursting out from the clouds-like fog. At work, some colleagues impossibly lost their way to the office due to wrong turns, some preferred not to drive.

With this kind of weather, why go out when you are surrounded by the people and things that you really need in life.


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3 Responses to “The highly coveted 8-hour sleep”

Good for you that you were able to get your 8 hour of sleep. Even on weekends, i still wake up early.


January 26th, 2013

sleep to me is a luxury too. thank god for public holidays; we also enjoyed that prophet mohammad’s birthday holiday a couple of weeks ago; we went to the beach and slept inside hotel room. hahaha!

incidentally, we’re enjoying cny holiday again here (until tuesday next week!)

cheers to more hours of sleep and the fun on holidays too!


February 9th, 2013

I used to take sleep for granted. I would stay up late at night and wake up early to help my son get ready for school. This year, I’m trying to lead a healthier life. Getting the right amount of sleep is now on my priority list.


February 21st, 2013