Eraserheads in UAE, finally

Eraserheads in UAE, finally

I am pleased that Eraserheads will be performing along with Guns n’ Roses, Boccelli and other brilliant artists in this year’s Du World Music Festival which is happening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

(This was me on a drama queen mode when I first learned via twitter of the concert. Hahaha.) >>> I have waited long enough. You can imagine how jealous I was of those who have experienced ‘it’ for the longest time… from that day they had the first reunion concert in Manila and another reunion concerts which never coincided where I am.

I have never been to any concert last year although technically I was in the New Year’s Eve (year 2011 going 2012) concert of Coldplay; surprisingly I lost interest or that no one really grabbed my interest. Well, it is true… good things come to those who wait and (reasonably) rest. Finally, I can watch them perform outside the DVD. :-D

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