Winello at 2013 Earth Hour

We were amongst the many who joined the observance of Earth Hour in Abu Dhabi. Apparently, that coincided with Winello’s 2nd birthday. We have lighted three electric candles (i.e. battery-operated/ used by Little J in her “pandanggo sa ilaw” dance recently) and randomly took photos of the cats.

It was not surprising that their photos turned out to have that “Blair witch project” appeal, remember that film?

Perdita at 2013 Earth Hour

My goodness, this screenshot of Perdita’s many faces from the video where she played with the electric candle was eerily funny. Better to remember how charming they are (read/ see this post), or else I might have a nightmare. Haha.

How did you observe Earth Hour from your end?



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3 Responses to “Winello and Perdita in this year’s Earth Hour”

Happy Birthday to Winello!

Nice shots! I agree, they do have an eerie touch.

Yes, I remember that movie. I was scared to watch it at first because of all the hype but when I finally did, I realized it wasn’t that scary after all.


March 25th, 2013

hi, wits!

seems you’re enjoying your time with precious people, err, cats in your life. yung pics nila, pwedeng cover ng stephen king novel. hehe


March 27th, 2013

the first pic was too funny for me, though. “ooooh… it’s glowing!” might be a good caption. :)

Earth Hour wasn’t an event in Pampanga since most people go to sleep at 8PM! :D heehee


April 13th, 2013