Wooden puzzles

I recently stopped by ADNOC Oasis, a convenience store chain owned by the biggest gasoline station in Abu Dhabi, and saw wooden puzzles being sold together with the globe version of the rubiks cube. I hardly see these nowadays that made me recall¬†how puzzle was founded in the 17th century, i.e. when a London engraver and mapmaker mounted a map… Read more →

Colour Me Happy

(You may read the entire post here.) Thank you for your comments and response as I trimmed by anonymity last time to a certain extent. Here’s another article from me as a guest blogger in Singapore’s community page, a project by Ministry of Information, Culture and Arts (MICA) of Singapore. Apparently, it has been published on the colorful day of… Read more →

Use your head bands to form a heart

We dropped by in my favorite mall in Abu Dhabi during the weekend and I managed to get few snapshots of the Valentine air. I’m now becoming more careful about being a paparazza because I don’t want to spend time in jail due to “incidental shots”. Although I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day due to its commercialism, I’m enjoying… Read more →