Colour Me Happy

(You may read the entire post here.) Thank you for your comments and response as I trimmed by anonymity last time to a certain extent. Here’s another article from me as a guest blogger in Singapore’s community page, a project by Ministry of Information, Culture and Arts (MICA) of Singapore. Apparently, it has been published on the colorful day of… Read more →

Use your head bands to form a heart

We dropped by in my favorite mall in Abu Dhabi during the weekend and I managed to get few snapshots of the Valentine air. I’m now becoming more careful about being a paparazza because I don’t want to spend time in jail due to “incidental shots”. Although I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day due to its commercialism, I’m enjoying… Read more →

Google Art Project

(The Dutch Proverbs in Gemaldegalerie) Google did it again! If you did love the technology of Google Street View, you’ll probably be excited about visiting the museums worldwide through your computer. ¬†Google Art Project has taken zoomable shots of 17 museums (including the amazing Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid) across the globe. (Another favorite,… Read more →