Formula Rossa, Ferrari World
The first two months of 2013 unfolded like a roller coaster ride.

I am just too pleased that I ventured/ re-engaged with some activities wherein I am time and courage-incapacitated. Who knew I would ever do the following in this lifetime:

Formula Rossa in Ferrari World. I finally tried the fastest roller coaster ride in the world. It was a heart and mind twisting event and fat-shaking moment hahaha. I still remember how just the thought of queueing for it in 2011 made me want to collapse.

Learning Arabic. I re-joined my Arabic class (held thrice a week at early morning) and although I need to improve a lot I am happy that I can now read, write and speak decently to a certain extent. I also appreciate that my classmates-officemates are humbly competitive that whenever we cross paths outside the ‘classroom’ we try to chat with each other in Arabic with our funny accents/ pronounciation.

This is where I swim thrice a week
Here is where I swim twice a week; attending the ladies session in one of the sports club in Abu Dhabi.

Yasbah! (That’s an Arabic word for ‘swimming’). It has been a long overdue plan to learn to swim properly. I am one of those who prefer a coach-based approach when it comes to swimming. In my over 30 years of existence I have been bravely doing the banana boat ride, snorkeling and other aqua activities although what I only know is to float when my head’s down the water. My goal is to learn the proper breast and dolphin strokes by end of March. Goal this weekend is to do the 50-metre backstroke non-stop. I am also pleased how my twice a week of swimming lesson/ practice has improved my health.

And more.

Some people (and even myself) at times asked where I find the time and drive to try new things. I think that there should not be a justification for everything. But nothing is impossible and never too late if you really want it… and of course, there is the ‘out of nothing’ moment that happens in between.


Asian Food Fair

Asian Food Fair

Asian Food Fair

Asian Food Fair

Pretty gal from Kazakhstan; Asian Food Fair

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Eraserheads in UAE, finally

I am pleased that Eraserheads will be performing along with Guns n’ Roses, Boccelli and other brilliant artists in this year’s Du World Music Festival which is happening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

(This was me on a drama queen mode when I first learned via twitter of the concert. Hahaha.) >>> I have waited long enough. You can imagine how jealous I was of those who have experienced ‘it’ for the longest time… from that day they had the first reunion concert in Manila and another reunion concerts which never coincided where I am.

I have never been to any concert last year although technically I was in the New Year’s Eve (year 2011 going 2012) concert of Coldplay; surprisingly I lost interest or that no one really grabbed my interest. Well, it is true… good things come to those who wait and (reasonably) rest. Finally, I can watch them perform outside the DVD. :-D


Foggy UAE

My day started happier than the usual because I finally completed again an 8-hour sleep.  Thanks to the Islamic holiday (i.e. Prophet Muhammad’s birthday), it saved my (and everybody else’s) longings whatever those are. While we planned to visit the recently opened humongous Yas Waterworld today, we postponed it for things that matter more as of the moment — sleep, listening to Morning Rush podcasts (particularly listening to the Badtrip sa School babbler) while  munching on home cooked barbecue and sisig, random chats, and more.

The weather has also discouraged the driver in me. In my 5th year in the UAE (wow,  imagine that!), this is the first time we have braced this much of fog weeklong. Like yesterday, the traffic lights can hardly be seen as I drove little J to school and then to work. While in the office parking (the one in the open area), it was eerily funny that we were startled by people waving/ walking towards us. We practically looked like angels bursting out from the clouds-like fog. At work, some colleagues impossibly lost their way to the office due to wrong turns, some preferred not to drive.

With this kind of weather, why go out when you are surrounded by the people and things that you really need in life.