Eraserheads in UAE, finally

I am pleased that Eraserheads will be performing along with Guns n’ Roses, Boccelli and other brilliant artists in this year’s Du World Music Festival which is happening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. (This was me on a drama queen mode when I first learned via twitter of the concert. Hahaha.) >>> I have waited long enough. You can imagine how… Read more →

The highly coveted 8-hour sleep

My day started happier than the usual because I finally completed again an 8-hour sleep.  Thanks to the Islamic holiday (i.e. Prophet Muhammad’s birthday), it saved my (and everybody else’s) longings whatever those are. While we planned to visit the recently opened humongous Yas Waterworld today, we postponed it for things that matter more as of the moment — sleep,… Read more →

EndDanger, An Art and Music Fund Raising Event

EndDanger will feature mixed media artworks from the group Artists for Nature and performances from Flying Ipis, Extrapolation, and other music bands. This calls attention to the growing problem of annual endangerment in the Philippines and encourage the community to get involved in conservation and protection efforts. The artists and organizers behind EndDanger seek to raise funds for the monitoring… Read more →


Eyes feast, perfect pitch

Photo credits: Wiki, Rotten Tomatoes Being crazily busy will stay longer and even magnify at some phases, but I love myself so I decided that I will re-engage with the things that I enjoy which took the back seat for almost two years. Like blogging. Taking photos. A lot more. And of course, having the eyes feast through movies. I… Read more →